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With 20 years experience and a dedicated, friendly team we work for you, without you we have no business. So you are the most important thing to us.

We operate a simple process, to make it easy as possible for you, we do all the running around and sourcing of the motor vehicle to get the lowest price. We do this through a tendering process so you can be confident that you will have the best car, at the best price, guaranteed. You are ensured quality, full statutory warranties and the ability to obtain all the benefits of dealing with a large dealership, but without having to waste time and energy running around or having to negotiate or deal directly with dealerships or sales people. Our business has expanded now source used cars Australia wide. Make your Car Buying Process Stress Free with our motor vehicle consultation & Car Brokers service in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Nearest Suburb.

We charge you a small fee to start our tender process. For only $180 we can find you the perfect vehicle and the dealerships we deal with will vie for your business… without you lifting a finger. All you need to do to commence the process is complete a quick online form or call us direct with your new vehicle requirements and within 24 hours we can have a selection of cars for you perusal. We are always available if you need technical or other information and we are here to help. Once we have the low price for your chosen vehicle we will contact you to see if you would like to proceed.

Need finance? As a Leading Car Finance Broker Sydney Australia We can also help you with a competitive finance quote if required, we use Epic Finance, they are a new style vehicle finance provider in Australia. They have access to over 20 lenders ensuring you will get competitive quote and quick turnaround.

We can even organize your insurance if you wish.

We can also organize extended warranties and any aftermarket products such as, window tint, rust proofing, paint and interior protections.

We are Australia wide, our customers range from private sales to small business and through to fleet buyers. We are a growing company expanding our services. We would like to welcome you aboard.

3 Easy Steps

3 steps

Once you have decided on which vehicle you want to purchase, we then go to work on your behalf to source a price to save you thousands of dollars and save you all the hassle, tactics and time wasted with Dealers and sales people.

First thing you do is to call one of our Motor Vehicle Consultants for more information or fill out the easy online form with all of your vehicle specifications. From this form we know your name, your location, how to contact you, the make and model vehicle you want and if you need any help in sourcing finance. We also ask for your current vehicle’s trade in details if relevant for you.*


We have a one-time fee of only of $180.00. This covers the whole process including the vehicle delivered to your door and even includes full tank of fuel!


  1. Fill out online contact form and any trade-in you may have. Contact our Car consultant and pay $180.00 via PayPal or direct transfer to our nominated bank account.
  2. Once we have your special price on your new car, make the decision if you want to go ahead with the purchase authorising us to proceed with the ordering of the vehicle purchase contract.
  3. Pay the Dealer or fleet company directly and take delivery of your new vehicle.

We are here to make this process go smoothly as possible. Once you make contact with our team member they will stay with you from the beginning to the end.

*Trade in valuation is based on description of vehicle including the Make, Model, Year of manufacture, kilometres and general condition. The valuation assumes the vehicle is registered and is in normal operating condition. If there is any obvious damage or lights on the dash indicating its need repair this could affect the trade-in value.