Easy Three Steps

Easy Car Brokers - Easy Three Steps

3 stepsNow you have decided on the vehicle you wish to purchase, we will take it from here to ensure you save thousands  of dollars and all the hassle, tactics and time wasted with Dealers and sales people.  We are with you every step of the way to make sure you have a positive experience and the car that you will love.

To get you on your way follow our Easy Three Steps.  It is that easy.


  1. Contact us and then fill out the Easy Find Car Online Form.  We will step you through the whole process.  Once you are happy to proceed then the flat rate fee of $180 is paid.
  2. Once we have your special price on your new car, make the decision if you want to go ahead with the purchase authorising us to proceed with the ordering of the vehicle purchase contract.
  3. Lastly you pay for your new car, directly to the  Dealer or Fleet Company, which we have negotiated with on your behalf, and take delivery of your new vehicle.

*Trade in valuation is based on description of vehicle including the Make, Model, Year of manufacture, kilometres and general condition. The valuation assumes the vehicle is registered and is in normal operating condition. If there is any obvious damage or lights on the dash indicating its need repair this could affect the trade-in value.

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