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Darren Humphris and team have over 20 years of experience they know what their customers want and expect from a professional broker service.

You are our customer and that’s the most important thing to us. Our team are dedicated in ensuring that we offer the best service possible. We are the Independent and professional Auto Broker providing best car broker service in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and all across rural Australia.

Our team has worked for dealerships sales, fleet and worked with the factories supplying vehicles. We have a sound understanding of the industry; having sat on both sides of the fence. We understand the frustration, the confusion, the time wasted at dealerships. We save you all the hassle of having to run around to dealers - trying to get a low price. We save you the hassle of dealing with dealership tactics. We deliver a great service with no stress and no hassles. We don’t sell cars and we don’t persuade you to buy a car. Once you have made up your mind what type of car you want - we will then tender multiple dealerships and fleet departments to get the lowest price for you.

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