Hybrid Vehicles

There’s a whole stack of Hybrid vehicles on and coming to market, just about every brand has one or two, we think the best type are the plug-ins, why you ask, because they plug into your power point at home. Energy from the power point is much cheaper than it is from the bowser and friendlier to the environment. The range the vehicle can travel is a combination of the petrol motor and the electricity stored in the on board batteries. If you are doing short runs to work about 30 minutes you can just about run it on the power point from home. If the batteries run low the petrol engine kicks in charges the batteries and can drive the vehicle. So its ok, you don’t break down on the side of the road. The fuel consumption on some of these new Hybrids is really impressive. As the technology improves we will be seeing 100+ mpg-hybrids.

Easy Car Brokers will be putting together purchase packagers, in the future for this futuristic motoring. A 3 year turnaround plan with low cost vehicle running. It should make economic sense as long as the price of the hybrids continues to drop.

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