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Kia Electric Powered SUV RELEASE

Kia Electic powered SUV concept to be released at the Chicago Motor show on 12th February. Its called the Trail’ster. This beast will be full electric powered all-wheel drive SUV. They have added a electric motor to the rear axle assembly. The rear axle design ensures easily adaptability to existing model vehicles, technology will eventually appear on…
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Hybrid Vehicles

There’s a whole stack of Hybrid vehicles on and coming to market, just about every brand has one or two, we think the best type are the plug-ins, why you ask, because they plug into your power point at home. Energy from the power point is much cheaper than it is from the bowser and…
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New Site Launch

Some great news Easy Car Brokers with a new site style and much simpler process is a big winner with customers, moving forward in a new age of expanding technology Easy car brokers is forging forward and hitting bench marks and is exceeding customer expectations of good service.
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